Good, bad and unexpected of Military life.

A typical day in life of a Gentlemen Cadet(Techo) in IMA

Few days after entering the Indian Military Academy a Gentlemen cadet is full of sleep and develops the skills to sleep even while standing. Being a UESS entry, a gentlemen … Continue reading

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OTA Chennai Passing Out Parade 15 March 2014

CHENNAI  (15 MAR 2014) : The SSC-97 and SSC(W)-11 Course comprising of as many as 261 officer cadets including 194 gentlemen cadets, 62 lady cadets and 05 foreign gentlemen cadets (four … Continue reading

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What you should and shouldn’t carry to a military academy?

If you are reading this post then I’m sure that either out of curiosity or you have been selected to join one of the prestigious military academy like IMA, OTA … Continue reading

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From the eyes of a Brat…

Long back when I was three I met a monster covered in green. Green his cap, green his dress Green his car resembling my hot wheels set. He stayed with … Continue reading

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An infantry soldier…

I am a Soldier And this is my story I live by three Rules; Valor, Gut and Glory. Just out from school; I was young, vibrant and determined. I had … Continue reading

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My Hero in Olive Green

It’s a beautiful blue moon night, All alone i lay tonight. As I cuddle up myself and fall asleep, I wish for a Hero in Olive Green. The special train … Continue reading

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I got recommended in 2nd Attempt – SSB Experience from Rejection board

Hello friends, I have decided to share my experience at SSB Allahabad. The Services Selection Board, Allahabad has popularly been called as the Rejection board due to the low selection … Continue reading

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Cradle to grave…

Marriage is every girls dream, Yet its not as it seems. Knots we tie, With promises to stay by each others side. 11 Minutes to be precise, That pleasure was … Continue reading

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How to clear “Screening Test” in SSB interview?

It’s a test for basic intelligence and IQ, generally done on the first day of SSB. It comprises of two parts: 1. Written test – It is conducted in two … Continue reading

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If an officer is asking it must be important

A group of soldiers trained in a large field on Fort Benning, Georgia. It was the end of a blazing hot day. The sweat-soaked men were exhausted. They were sitting … Continue reading

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25 things only defence services kids can relate to

You are a pure breed defence services kid if – You were born in a Military Hospital.

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Legacy of a soldier – true!

He clutched his gun with fear in his heart, Not knowing what to expect; Trying to recall through clouded thought, What his squad commander had said.

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Bitcoin for dummies

Journey from Barter system to Bitcoin – There has been much talk about Bitcoin within libertarian and economic circles. Its becoming a buzzword, but like all new systems that break … Continue reading

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How I cleared SSB interview and you can too! – the easy way – Part 2

(continued from – Part I..) c) Situation Reaction Test(SRT) – 1) Be sensible, write practical situation. 2) Show action happening, explain. 3) Do not act like a superhero. 4) Do … Continue reading

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Veterans’ Blogs Offer a Glimpse into Life on the Front Lines

Originally posted on News:
Last week was the 70th anniversary of D-Day, the start of the Allied landing in Normandy, France, that contributed to the end of World…

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Indian Military Academy(IMA) Passing Out Parade 14 June 2014

DEHRADUN: On a bright Saturday morning, 700 gentlemen cadets, decked in army uniforms, marched with discipline and perfect synchronization on the grounds of Indian Military Academy (IMA) to get commissioned … Continue reading

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