Good, bad and unexpected of Military life.

How I cleared SSB interview and you can too! – the easy way – Part 2

(continued from – Part I..) c) Situation Reaction Test(SRT) – 1) Be sensible, write practical situation. 2) Show action happening, explain. 3) Do not act like a superhero. 4) Do … Continue reading

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Best Books on Indian Military Fiction & Non-Fiction

For the One who has conquered the mind, The mind is the best of friends; But for the One who has failed to do so, His very mind will be … Continue reading

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Alcohol – To Drink or Not to Drink?

This century has been a century of anxieties and tensions. Along with the phenomenal strides man has taken towards developments, his own tensions have also increased. What was a luxury … Continue reading

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My SSB Experience @ 11 SBB Allahabad for NDA-145 – Got Recommended in 2020!

Hello, my name is C K Sam. I was recommended from 11SSB Allahabad in month of February 2020 for NDA -145. It was my second attempt; earlier, I was screened … Continue reading

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21 Quotes That will Change You Into a Better Person

How to respond to adversity. How to think about money. How to meditate on our mortality. How to have courage.

Fundamentally, each one will teach you how to be a better person. If you let them.

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Why did you quit from IMA?

I would answer this on behalf of a friend of mine who was selected and recommended for Army. He was from non military background, dad was a businessman but he … Continue reading

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What are the characteristics of the candidates who get selected in SSB?

Successful SSB candidates have some common traits. It will help to know and develop such traits.

The salient common competencies of successful candidates are:

Physically fitness.
Good English.
Good GK.
Clear headed.

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What are some legends or rumors in armed forces that are used to troll new people joining?

Let’s see how the Military Academy where the Drill Instructors(teacher in layman) trolls the cadets at various situations – (Photo – Google) 1. “GC ko aise pair patakna chahiye ki zameen phat jaye aur … Continue reading

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Military Strategies to put up healthier routine

Military strategies can be defined in simpler terms as a set of traditional or modern warfare tactics aiming to bring forth victory in war fronts. One can easily identify the … Continue reading

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OTA POP: Passing Out Parade 09 Sep 2017

A total of 322 officer cadets including 266 gentlemen cadets and 31 lady cadets were commissioned as officers of the Indian Army during the passing out parade of the Officers … Continue reading

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Cadets in IMA die during 10KM run, this is the reason

Third quarter of this year is about to end and we have already lost two cadets died after falling ill during a training course, the IMA (Indian Military Academy)authorities have … Continue reading

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IMA POP: Passing Out Parade 10 June 2017

Army Chief General Bipin Rawat attended the Passing Out Parade held at the Indian Military Academy (IMA) on Saturday. After reviewing the parade at the Chetwode drill square, General Rawat … Continue reading

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17 Best Quotes for Indian Army Girlfriend (Pictures)

Quotes for Indian Army Wives / Girlfriend – My hero doesn’t wear a cape or tights; he doesn’t have superpowers and he can’t lift cars, but he fights to defend … Continue reading

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Is Indian Army Ready for Women to protect its Borders?

In the modern world, there are no domains of work that women haven’t delved into. Words such as chairman and cameraman have been rephrased as chairperson and cameraperson, to accommodate … Continue reading

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How is it to be an Indian Army Wife?

Every young girl dreams and waits for a prince charming to come on a black horse and take her away as his bride to get married. When she is about to … Continue reading

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What It Means To Be A Soldier In A Battlefield – A Day In The Life Of Soldier

Capt Vikramjit motioned frantically “Lt Atre ko bulao”. He was lying flat on his belly. He crawled into the small clearing in the thicket of trees, and peered through the … Continue reading

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When a Soldier Speaks, you can only listen (Interesting video!)

Bahut complains hain logon ki please do not watch this video if you have complains with your life. Reason ye hai – Comfortable Jo log hai please na dekhein aur chote … Continue reading

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IMA POP: Passing Out Parade 11 June 2016 (Video + Images)

A total of 610 gentlemen cadets including 45 from six friendly countries took part today in a colourful Passing Out Parade at the end of their training at the Indian … Continue reading

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Quotes for Indian Army Girlfriend or Spouse

It is not easy to be a army girlfriend or wife – the separation, long wait for that one call, letter or uneasiness to meet him at the earliest when he comes back from deployment. Few quotes for Indian Army Girlfriend/Wife.

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs): Regarding SSB – Screening, Interview, GTO, Psychology and Medicals

MEDICAL EXAMINATION All the medical related frequently asked questions are given in this section of the post. Q1. Is a person (both male and female) who is recommended for medical … Continue reading

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An Army Daugther Writes Poem for her Soldier Father!

Her hair was up in a pony tail, her favorite dress tied with a bow. Today was Daddy’s Day at school, and she couldn’t wait to go. But her mommy … Continue reading

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Siachen: Journey to world’s highest battlefield! (Latest Documentary)

The Siachen Glacier is the highest and coldest battlefield in the world at an average altitude of 20,000 feet. The temperature dips to minus 60 degrees in the winter. Civilians … Continue reading

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What are the group tasks in SSB? Qualities seen by GTO

Group testing is based on the theory of Gestalt, where in the GTO looks at the candidates performing in a group, gradually singles them out and gives a closer look and finally once again observes them perform in the group. There are a total of nine tasks/ activities conducted by the GTO. These are divided into three phases as described below.

Basic Series

It consists of the following tasks/activities:

a) Group Discussion(GD) – Two Rounds
b) Group Planning Exercise (GPE)
c) Progressive Group Task (PGT)
d) Snake Race (Group Obstacle Race)

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OTA Chennai Passing Out Parade(POP) 14 Mar 2015

CHENNAI  (14 Mar 2015) : The SSC-99 and SSC(W)-13 Course comprising of as many as 204 men and 42 lady cadets marched onto the Parameshwaran drill square on the Officers Training Academy … Continue reading

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Indian Military Academy(IMA) – Why you should join it? (Exclusive Images!!)

The Indian Military Academy, Dehradun (also known as IMA) is the officer training Academy of the Indian Army. IMA was established in 1932. The academy is located in the foothills … Continue reading

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10 Individual Obstacles(GTO) in SSB and How to complete more than 10 in 3mins?

Individual obstacle: A stage given to candidates to show their physical fitness and time management ability. This is the third task in the Ground test. It usually happens on second … Continue reading

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PIQ(Personal Interview Questionnaire) in SSB – How to fill it correctly? (Download)

PIQ is a very very important part of SSB. It is an indirect way of knowing about a candidate, it contains everything from your basic particulars to your present working … Continue reading

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SSB Interview Techniques And Questions asked in Interview (SSB)

Be yourself, natural, relaxed but alert, keen and enthusiastic. Your body language should show confidence. Be seated comfortably, naturally but with correct posture. Preliminary courtesies like permission to enter, wishing … Continue reading

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How to improve your public speaking (for GD, Lecture & PPDT)

Blessed is the one who has got the gift of the gab because he can talk his way out of most of his troubles. Where else can the above lines … Continue reading

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What all medical tests you have to go through after clearing SSB?

MEDICAL  EXAMINATION Candidate, those who clear ssb are asked to stay back at ssb centre for 5 more days for their medical examination.  Medical is conducted in this order over next … Continue reading

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Word Association Test(WAT) for SSB…

Word Association Test: How to go about it – 1) Write short and simple sentences. 2) Don’t give second thought, once the word is flashed. If you try to think … Continue reading

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Situation Reaction Tests(SRT) for SSB..

Situation Reaction Test: How to go about it – 1) Be sensible, write practical situation. 2) Show action happening, explain. 3) Do not act like a superhero. 4) Do not … Continue reading

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10 startup lessons I learned in the Indian Military Academy(IMA)

2013 is a very special year for me. It marks the 10th anniversary of a dream I lost, a dream to serve my country in the best possible way. I … Continue reading

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How to face Interviewing Officer(IO) – SSB Interview techniques – revealed!

SSB INTERVIEW 1. Purpose To choose few from many To choose right person for right job, not the best person for job Existing from time immemorial Changed from arbitrary to … Continue reading

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A conversation between a Soldier and Software Engineer in Shatabdhi Train – An interesting and a must read Article!

Vivek Pradhan was not a happy man. Even the plush comfort of the air-conditioned compartment of the Shatabdhi express could not cool his frayed nerves. He was the Project Manager … Continue reading

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Officer’s Training Academy Revisited – Major Anita!

I remember clearly the date was 30 Oct 2005. It was the first time I was going to travel in a plane. But it was not just my first plane … Continue reading

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Oh India…. Why do I still serve you? (..Must read..)

A beautiful poem on the frustration of an Indian soldier. Why do I still serve you? How you play with us, did you ever see? At seven, I had decided what … Continue reading

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OTA Chennai Passing Out Parade(POP) 13 Sep 2014

CHENNAI  (13 SEP 2014) : The SSC-98 and SSC(W)-12 Course comprising of as many as 204 men and 42 lady cadets marched onto the Parameshwaran drill square on the Officers Training Academy … Continue reading

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25 Things that only an Army Girlfriend can relate to!

Queen Elizabeth said, If you love an Army Officer, raise your glass.. And if an Army officer loves you.. Raise your head and walk like a Queen! A civilian dating an army officer is whole … Continue reading

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A typical day in life of a Gentlemen Cadet(Tech Entry) in IMA

Few days after entering the Indian Military Academy a Gentlemen cadet is full of sleep and develops the skills to sleep even while standing. Being a UESS entry, a gentlemen … Continue reading

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What you should and shouldn’t carry to a military academy?

If you are reading this post then I’m sure that either out of curiosity or you have been selected to join one of the prestigious military academy like IMA, OTA … Continue reading

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From the eyes of a Brat…

Long back when I was three I met a monster covered in green. Green his cap, green his dress Green his car resembling my hot wheels set. He stayed with … Continue reading

July 22, 2014 · 4 Comments

An infantry soldier…

I am a Soldier And this is my story I live by three Rules; Valor, Gut and Glory. Just out from school; I was young, vibrant and determined. I had … Continue reading

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