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Save or Suffer, its all about water

Water scarcity in the world could turn the world population vegetarian, warn scientists. And just in case you don’t want to eventually starve to death, it’s still not too late to do your bit. Before that, some shocking facts on water…

“No water = Vegan = Hunger” 

    1. 40% will be the increase in water demands in the next ten years, warn scientists world over.
    2. 80% of the world population live in areas with threats to water security and scarcity.
    3. 90% of waste water in developing countries is discharged into rivers or streams without any treatment.
    4. 1.6  billion  people have inadequate access to water in the world.
    5. 2/3 of the cities in China suffer from water shortages.
    6. 2.5 out of total 71% of the Earth’s surface covered by water is fresh water.
    7. 2.6 billion people lack basic sanitation.
    8. 3.7 miles woman in Africa and Asia have to walk daily on an average to collect water.
    9. 5 minute shower in American household will use more water than a person living in a developing world slum will use in whole day.
    10. Over 1 billion people use less than 6 litres of water per day. Most of them face scarcity.
    11. $255 billion America must spend in the next five years to prevent deterioration of water.
    12. 200 million hours a day women spend collecting water.
    13. 300 liters of water is what it takes to make paper for just 1 newspaper.
    14. 443 million school days are lost each year from water-related-illness. It affects one in three people on every continent.
    15. $ 800 billion will be required to cover the annual global investment in water infrastructure during 2010-2015, estimate researchers. Water shortages resulted from population size more than rainfall, say researchers,
    16. 2025 two-thirds of the world;s population could be living under water stressed conditions. The IVth world war could be on water, warn scientists.
    17. 2035 could witness the disappearance of the Himalayan glaciers that are the sources of Asia’s biggest rivers.
Food that will disappear during global water crisis –
  • SHEEP – have a 6,1000 m3/ton water footprint on earth
  • CHEESE – has a 5000 m3/ton water footprint on earth
  • CHICKEN –  have a 4,600 m3/ton water footprint on earth
  • GOATS  – have a 4,000  m3/ton water footprint on earth
  • RICE – has a 3,500  m3/ton water footprint at a global level
  • EGGS – have a 3,300  m3/ton water footprint at a global level
  • SOYBEANS – have a 1,550  m3/ton water footprint at a global level
  • SUGAR – has a 1,500  m3/ton water footprint on earth
  • WHEAT – has a 1,450  m3/ton water footprint on the planet
  • POTATOES – have a 1,000  m3/ton water footprint globally
How to save water?
It is important that we save as much water as possible, both at home and outside. I believe water can be saved in sample ways like while doing daily household chores and activities, keeping taps closed and not having very long showers or avoiding showers completely. But I think what is more important is spreading awareness on the need to save water.
Lots of people do not realize the importance of water. If every individual can do their bit, we can save a lots of water.I would request you to save water and encourage others to do same, leave your feedback(if any), share this information with your friends. Do your bit, help mother Earth.

One comment on “Save or Suffer, its all about water

  1. Sabin
    March 8, 2013

    I am sure those who waste water today, will cry tommorrow and others will also have to pay for such fools’ mistake..


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