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Never Give Up In Life! – Arjun Vajpal

Meet Arjun the youngest Indian to climb Mt Everest…



He created history when he became the youngest Indian to climb Mt. Everest when he was just 16. Two years later, he dreams of climbing the 14 highest mountain peaks in the world. Meet Arjun Vajpal, who shares his experiences on the difficult journey in an exclusive interview…

ON HIS GLORIOUS ACHIEVEMENT:  I was in school, when I got the opportunity to climb the highest peak of the world (Mt. Everest). It was a completely unbelievable experience. I had read about people’s experience in various books but to be at the top of the world was completely a mind-blowing experience.

HOW THE EARTH LOOKS FROM THERE: Well, it’s very difficult to describe. You can actually see the Earth bending down 365 degree. It was amazing. The sun rising and going down was altogether a different experience.

PREPARATION FOR CLIMB: I trained really hard to become a  mountaineer. I missed out on different fronts, my studies got hampered. But I had to be at the top of the world. So, I enrolled myself in a mountaineering course in Uttarkashi and did an advance course. The course helped me to adapt to the difficult situations.

CHALLENGES AND FEARS: The whole expedition was full of challenges. I started from the southern side. The temperature was -60C and hovered to -70c at times. The higher you go: life becomes all the more difficult. After a certain point the human body starts to deteriorate. While climbing, you have to very careful. One small mistake and you are dead.

Arjun while camping on the way to summit.

Arjun while camping on the way to summit.


  • At present, Arjun Vajpal is pursuing IInd year Bsc honours, in Marketing.
  • He passed out from Ryan International, Noida and dedicates his success to his teachers.
  • Arjun didn’t have a lucky charm with him when he climbed the Everest. But he kept a Hanuman Chalisa with him, that his mother had given him.
  • He survived on chocolates, dry fruits and maggi noodles.
  • He completed the climb in two and half months.
My Mantra – Always live on the edge. Never get complacent. Train as hard as you can. But always remain calm. It pays off.
My Dream – I want to climb the 14 top peaks of the world. I have conquered 3. 11 are left. There are still no Indians on that list as of now.
My Goal – aIt’s my dream to open a mountaineering institute and train children and introduce mountaineering at the grassroot level.
My Role Model – Reinhold messner, the greatest mountaineer is my role model. I have been inspired by him and consider him my role model.
My Fitness –  I maintain a strict fitness regime. I exercise 8 hours a day and eat 5,000 calories/day.


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