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Ask not what your country did for you…

ask_not_what_your_country“Ask not what your country did for you; ask what you did for your country” is an oft quoted saying. In fact the quote has been so overused, that one speculates whether its users realize its meaning and significance. With Independence Day round the corner, it becomes more pertinent to dwell and ponder on the significance of these lines. I have always believed that being patriotic to the country is not a very hard thing to do. Yet it means realising our collective responsibilities as citizens and fulfilling our duties effectively.

Quite obviously we live in a country that rewards its people freedom on an extravagant scale. Hence it is but natural to feel responsible enough to fulfill the duties expected of us, citizens, diligently. We need not be part of the Armed Forces to display our patriotic intent. Neither are we expected to lay down our lives for the country’s sake, to show that we are patriotic. Simple things like keeping our premises clean, doing things in a lawful manner to refrain from being a direct or indirect part of corruption, in my view can benefit a nation greatly to building a better nation.

Indians, I personally feel, are more result oriented. We are very bothered about the dividends that we would reap from an effort. But perhaps it is not about the magnitude of change and difference that we have brought forth, which would make a difference. It would be more about the sincerity involved in the effort that would make a difference.

I this context, I would like to make a mention of the vision that our former President Dr Kalam expressed in his book ‘Vision 2020’, wherein he foresees a vibrant India in the year 2020. The reason it should be so is because Indian then have youngest work force in the world. Needless to say, that means the helm would rest on your shoulders, and mine. We, youth would largely decide what India can be, what India would be!

For this beautiful vision to break into bright reality we must make our present more effective. This task has to begin today! To begin with, we have to get rif of our indifferent and passive attitude to our country. Turning a blind eye to what is wrong in the typical ‘chalega’ vein has to undergo a chance. Another typical attitude that we indulge ourselves in this blame game tactic. Why blame the government for potholes on roads, scarcity of water or electricity? Why not maintain the understanding that deliberately or otherwise, we ourselves might be responsible for it? And besides, we citizens caste vote and bring new government into power; don’t we?

We perhaps do exercise our voting rights, but how cautiously do we do it? Most of us pooh pooh politics as a corrupt field, in which we would never like to be involved. Yet at times, in order to clean the dirt, one might have to get into the dirt. Lastly as citizens, we have a lot of suggestions, policies, opinions and plans… but we seldom come up with plausible solutions to a pertinent problem or volunteer to work towards eliminating it. If every individual contributes his bit, we would indeed bring forth a beautiful India unscathed by wrongs and pettiness in the near future.happy_independence

Have a wonderful Independence Day!
– Jai Hind.



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This entry was posted on August 15, 2013 by in Army.
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