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If an officer is asking it must be important

officer is asking

A group of soldiers trained in a large field on Fort Benning, Georgia. It was the end of a blazing hot day. The sweat-soaked men were exhausted. They were sitting in the wood-line seeking shelter from the sun when the lieutenant approached.

The officer said “I need a volunteer to walk to the range shack with two five-gallon water jugs, and bring them back full. There is no vehicle available, but I need the water now.” The weary soldiers looked at the shack several hundred yards away and at the ankle-deep sand to be traversed with the full jugs. No one answered.

Finally, one soldier stood and said, “I’ll do it, sir.” For several seconds the officer said nothing, then he asked, “why would you volunteer for such a miserable task?

The young man replied, “If an officer is asking, then it must be very important.”

Do your soldier still have that level of faith in you?


3 comments on “If an officer is asking it must be important

  1. Mahavir Singh Aswal
    September 23, 2017

    well said Sir that is called Initiative..

    • Sonu
      September 24, 2017

      Indeed, thanks.

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