Good, bad and unexpected of Military life.

Cradle to grave…

cradle to death_

Marriage is every girls dream,
Yet its not as it seems.
Knots we tie,
With promises to stay by each others side.

11 Minutes to be precise,
That pleasure was a short lived one..
Paving its was to a sad demise.

Two parallel line!
Two red parallel lines I see!
A girl or a boy?!
Either way its fine.

Its a girl she said,
A girl! I’m blessed!
No you are not!
We are cursed, we are cursed.
She’s a curse they said.

She’s not I adjure!
A godess in disguise.
Sounds better?
Pray all possible godesses!
Why not her? We are blessed!

Fought all the odds,
She’s a day old now !
Lil ball of joy,
I cling her to me with pride!

I take her to the cradle.
Her soft heart beat I feel it.
Then slowly…..
It faints.. birth
Faints and vanishes where? Nirvana??

I hold you for one last time and..
I carry you to the cradle..

I carry you to the cradle,
Where you’ll rest in peace.
I carry you to the cradle
Where I’l silently weep !

– Prajakta Nikam



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