Good, bad and unexpected of Military life.

An infantry soldier…

I am a Soldier
And this is my story
I live by three Rules;
Valor, Gut and Glory.

Just out from school; I was young,
vibrant and determined.
I had a feeling; I was on top of the world.
I decided to make a mark for myself,
The profession of Arms was the Inner world.

an infantry soldier_smac

I donned the Olive green,
Married the Queen and felt like King.
The aura, the charisma and the gallant story;;
The pride I felt; impossible was nothing.

I began to realize; the truth of the queen.
She always asked for undeterred devotion;
love and passion.
I strive hard and faced all challenges;
Strength, discipline and determination
became obsession.

I faced the war;
sometimes with unknown and unseen.
But I question nothing and never lost hope.
Far from home, I feel like family;
I have learned to cope.

I ask for nothing as I challenge the might,
I brave the spine chilling winds, fire and hell,
The frontiers are frozen but never it deter,
The duty, the honour and the orders; I fair it well,

Once a while a silent tear roll down my eye.
I feel lonely but I can’t cry.
I served with honour and hope;
I ask for nothing but a reciprocation that is not wry.

The only thing which I ask, from everyone
who is awake.
Just take a moment and analyze.
Just spare a moment out of your life and think of me
I have done my bit; you should realize.

Next time you see me, just give a smile.
It is worth a world to me, I will cherish for life
I gave  my entire life for your every smile;
To breath the free air and enjoy freedom for life.

  • Harsh Srivastava


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