Good, bad and unexpected of Military life.

A typical day in life of a Gentlemen Cadet(Tech Entry) in IMA

Few days after entering the Indian Military Academy a Gentlemen cadet is full of sleep and develops the skills to sleep even while standing. Being a UESS entry, a gentlemen cadet is generally in the limelight, thanks to his just one year training against the four year training of Ex-NDAs but more because of the fact that gets his salary that is manifolds to their stipend. As much every senior behaves that a GC of such entry needs to prove even more.

Gentlemen_Cadet_won_in cross_country

Thanks to the seniors, the GC generally gets up at 4 O’clock and reports to his senior so that he could start their day. After an hour of trg session, the GC is left to get ready for his morning ODT Rushing towards the PT Ground/Drill Square, he puts in all his strength for the next one and a half hour. Drenched in sweat, he returns back to his cabin maintaining proper squads. There he tries to be as fast as he can in taking bath and changing over to next rig. Then, hoping to have something good in his breakfast, he sprints towards the Vikram Batra mess, ending up sitting next to a senior. Being a GC, he is bound to make mistakes and thanks to these mistakes, he ends up filling his stomach with only water.

Still thanking god for having saved him from any further rogering, he keeps his spirit high and again runs towards the company to get his bike just to find that his senior wants to take his bike or worse, his bike is already been taken before he reaches there.

Somehow, he manages to reach to his classes in time where out of tiredness he falls asleep irrespective of whether he is seated on the first bench, or in the last row. There also his fortune does not favors him as his directing staff starts having his happiness for sleeping. Then, either he is rewarded with punishments like a 25km route march with full battle load, or is made to do funny things inside the class only.

taking _rolls

Finally, god hears his prayers and the lecture is over but again the same history is repeated. Somehow feeling disgusted yet keeping his calm the lectures are over and they are allowed to proceed for lunch in proper squads. But many a times, his hunger ends him up with the drill Instructors who give him punishments for moving in improper squads, or for reasons like not wishing instructor perhaps out of all his eagerness to reach the mess. To his shear bad-luck, he does not get to have his lunch, either because of some senior he encounters on his way or in the mess. Coming back to his cabin, hoping that nothing wrong shall happen now, he receives the message of his senior who has called his entire course because of one of them.

There continuously for the whole afternoon, he undergoes unofficial training in the name of course spirit. In the evening, he tries his best to content himself and not to have even look at the tea room where evening tea and snacks are being enjoyed by his seniors.

Then comes the toughest part of the day i.e. The study period. During this time, although —– out of tiredness, he tries innumerable times to his level best to keep his eyes open, and not to doze off. Sometimes, if lucky, he sleeps for a while during period without being caught but most of the times, he is booked here also.

Then comes order fall in followed by dinner, which he either skips to have out tiredness or has very little time so as to leave the mess as soon as possible.

The GC feels a lot disgusted at this point of time where he is completely tired, wants to sleep but has to go for night Physical Training(PT).

Thanks to the Bn Duty officers that nowadays lights out is observed strictly.


In the end, he fills his belly with some biscuits, namkeen or chocolates and lies down on to bed, thanking god that another day of his training is over. Counting the number of days left for his leave (mid term break/ term break), he lets go off all the bad that happened to him and with eyes full of hope and one day, he will achieve what he wants in this life, proving it to himself, his family and to the world, that he is The Man, full of guts, patience and endurance to be a true leader in his life.


5 comments on “A typical day in life of a Gentlemen Cadet(Tech Entry) in IMA

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  2. Salahuddin
    September 3, 2016

    I have passed the test for joining at ANA in Afghanistan. And now I am accepted in IMA. But I am thinking about the campus’s life & training in IMA, Certainly it is very difficult for me to passed over the entire duration there,.
    I need your suggestions.

    • Sonu
      September 6, 2016

      If you have reason and motivation to finish training then it’s not that difficult at all. Go for it, if you don’t like it leave it. (But give a try)

    November 29, 2015

    throw cds entry or throw other engineering entries .like ugc,ssc etc search on google and find more way to join

  4. ajay
    September 27, 2015

    Hiiiii sir
    I’m Ajay my age 21..
    How to join gentleman cadet


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