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SSB Interview Techniques And Questions asked in Interview (SSB)


  1. Be yourself, natural, relaxed but alert, keen and enthusiastic. Your body language should show confidence.
  2. Be seated comfortably, naturally but with correct posture.
  3. Preliminary courtesies like permission to enter, wishing the time of the day and thanking when asked to be seated be followed.
  4. Maintain eye contact, Initial conversation will be to build rapport between you and the IO(Interviewing Officer) to make you feel at ease.
  5. Then the formal questions will follow;


From Educational Background:-

  1. How much you scored in your tenth, twelfth and graduation.
  2. Why there is decrease in the mark level and what you did to overcome that difficulty.
  3. Which subject you like more and why
  4. Which subject you don’t like and why
  5. Achievements in the study
  6. Tel specialty about your school and college
  7. Which teacher you like most why
  8. Which teacher you don’t like and why
  9. Why you have chosen to study this branch
  10. Whether you chosen the particular branch of study by self or by others compulsion (Parents)
  11. Why there is some gap in studies between inter college and graduation.
  12. How you improved the percentage from tenth to twelfth and what are steps you taken to achieve this.
  13. If you scored less marks in twelfth than in tenth, the question is what are the steps you Have taken to overcome this decrease in percentage not to continue in graduation.
  14. What your friends and teachers think about you
  15. How you think about your friends and teachers

From Family Background:-

  1. How much pocket money you got in your college days and how much you utilized.
  2. How you help your mother in your holidays
  3. How you help your father
  4. You are close to father or mother and why
  5. How much you like your father and mother
  6. How you are responsible person to your family
  7. Say about your sister and brother
  8. Whom you like most and why
  9. With whom you play more
  10. Which person other than in your family and friends you like more and why
  11. What’s you father/mother rank in the working place and income they are getting
  12. How they are utilizing their income and are you satisfied with that
  13. If your family is totally dependent on you tomorrow, how you will help or run the family.

From Friends:-

  1. How will you get new friends?
  2. Which type of friends you like
  3. How many friends you have
  4. Out of friends how many are close to you
  5. In your friends to whom you share the personal things
  6. What you like in your best friend and What he likes in you
  7. What your friend or friends say about you
  8. What you say about you and your friends.
  9. Which thing you like in your close friend and why.
  10. How you will help your friend or helped your friend any good moments.
  11. How you and your friends/friend do in your free times or in holidays.

For Working Professionals:-

  1. What your co workers will say about you
  2. What you say about your boss
  3. What your boss say about you
  4. Tel about your company or organization
  5. Why you are leaving your previous job
  6. What you like most in your job
  7. What you don’t like in your job
  8. What difficulty you faced in your job and what are the steps you taken to overcome that Difficulty.
  9. Why are you leaving the present job?

From Hobbies and Interests:-

  1. What is your hobby?
  2. Why you have chosen this hobby
  3. From when you are doing this hobby
  4. What are the things you have learn from your hobby
  5. What are the new things you implemented in your hobby?
  6. What’s your childhood hobby and what are you doing now
  7. Why you change the child hood hobby to this(recent one)
  8. They require vast knowledge in the hobby since everyone will have a hobby, but a candidate with good attitude will get information about their hobbies.
  9. The different types of hobbies are music, singing, blogging, reading, philately, photography, trekking etc. Create questions based on your hobby and make responses for that to get thorough knowledge over that.


What type of news channel, Tv shows you see and which periodical you used to read and why?

From Games and Sports:-
1. Which game you like and why?
2. Why you have chosen an indoor game rather than an outdoor game
3. Why you have chosen an outdoor game rather than an indoor game
4. Whom you like more in your team if we say cricket or foot ball etc
5. What is your position in the team i.e. as a team member or captain?
6. Depth of knowledge in the Games or sports. i.e. Questions from size of the play
ground/court size and rules of the game and recent world records in the game etc
7. Which player you like most and why
8. What you want to improve or you suggestion for our team in the game/sports you play
9. A good young youth with good physique should play a game in his spare time. So every one
will have a game/sports to play. If you don’t have a game to play just join any club of your
Interests and start to play. As it helps you to get more OLQ’s. Also get a thorough knowledge in the game which you used to play.

Checking the Leadership and Organizing ability:-

Leadership and organizing ability is the important quality of every officer. So these part of the
Process seems to be important. The officer may give a situation to check our organizing ability also
he asked questions from the PIQ in the fields of extracurricular and co curricular activities such as
N.S.S and N.C.C. etc.
E.g. If you going to Industrial Visit tour to the nearby Industry. Suddenly you coordinator got
accident, how you will arrange the tour and make it successful one. Like this he gives different
situations and ask questions over that.
If you play a game or sports, how you will organize that game like that.

Co-Curricular and Extra-curricular activities:-

The Co-Curricular and Extra-curricular activities includes such as N.S.S. , N.C.C , Volunteer of
blood donation association, Friends of Police etc.
1. When you joined in N.C.C. /N.S.S. and why
2. What you achieved in that
3. Positions held in that
4. Grade of certificates got such as A,B,C etc
5. Who motivated to join in N.C.C
3. Social problem or Candidate Solution type questions:-
In these part the IO may ask questions such as world issues, national issues and solution for
those issues. Also he checks the depth of knowledge and our approach to the issues. He asks our
views to the issues and solution for the issue.
Eg:- He asks the candidate that the views of nation on terrorism is good or bad, if good why it is
good and if bad why it is bad, then tel you solution like this.

Current Affairs and General Knowledge and issues:-

  1. He also ask some history and current affairs of the nation and world.
    Eg. Tel five things you recently read in newspaper. Tel deeply about a particular news.
  2. Technical questions or Practical Knowledge questions.
    If we go to the TGC entry i.e Technical Graduation Course and TES entry i.e. Technical Entry
    Scheme they may put forward some basic technical questions relating to our daily day to day life.
    Eg. If we say that we play cricket, he may ask how you will apply physics law to the swing bowling
    etc.  Also you will apply the phythogores theorem to the table tennis service etc
  3. If you are from engineering back ground the questions also from,
    Basic Network questions
    Basic physics laws
    All Engineering fundamental questions.

In these set of questions he find out our practical knowledge. i.e. application of our theoretical
knowledge in the physical day to day tasks which is essential for the army men.

How to approach the Personal Interview DO’s and DONT’s:-

The approach of the PI is an art, the one with good attitude and truthful with the information
provided and self will surely get success in the PI.
DO’s and DONT’s:-

  1. Enter the room with head held high and up raised chest as this gives you a confident approach.
  2. Never insert your hands into your pocket, leave it casually.
  3. First impression gives you a positive outcome.
  4. Prefer dress with good quality and should be properly ironed.
  5. Wear dress which is properly stitched and of good fitting.
  6. Avoid boot cuts and all.. Wear proper formal pant.
  7. Don’t wear jewelry at all or keep hell lot of things in your pocket.
  8. Have proper hair cut before the interview and comb the hair well.
  9. Wish the IO while entering the room with proper sense such as check whether is morning, or evening or noon.
  10. Have a proper and constant voice tone, never raise your voice tone while telling about your
    Achievements or reduce your voice tone while telling about your negative points.
  11. Have proper answer for your positive and negative points
  12. Proper body language is a must.
  13. Don’t argue with the IO. But tell your point in a positive way.
  14. Understand the questions clearly and and start to answer to that question slowly and Confidently.
  15. In case, if you felt that you don’t know the answer, just say after thinking a while, sorry sir i
    Don’t know the answer.
  16. In case, if you didn’t get the question from the IO means, ask him as sorry sir, i beg your pardon, please repeat the question.
  17. Never blame anyone for your shortcomings such as low marks due to teacher etc. Since they don’t want people who blame for shortcomings. They want people only who take every situation positive and overcome the shortcomings with hard work.

48 comments on “SSB Interview Techniques And Questions asked in Interview (SSB)

  1. sharvam dhoni
    July 22, 2017

    sry sir it was touch

  2. sharvam dhoni
    July 15, 2017

    sir how can i can enhance my vocab power as i daily see some new words act as backlog for me so how can i get rid out of it?

    • Sonu
      July 21, 2017

      Read more books, Newspaper – everyday e.g. The Hindu is good and refer dictionary, find meaning and remember it by writing in a note book by using in a sentence. Revise this notebook weekly!

      • sharvam dhoni
        July 22, 2017

        and can u give me some suggestion how can i prepare for cds as i am btech 1 st year student so i am not in a touch with cds course as btech itself has a massive course

        • Sonu
          July 24, 2017

          Pathfinder has a good book with complete syllabus, buy that and practice from it.

          • sharvam dhoni
            July 25, 2017

            were u also a defence dreamer were u able to make it

  3. harsh
    June 2, 2017

    really this is very useful for all

  4. Vivekananda's
    November 28, 2016

    Sony sir,
    what I will wirte if my all the three address is same ..can I write the same address in all the three block of address.

  5. Dileep Kumar G L
    August 5, 2016

    Sir,I’m going to prepare for SSC exam in Indian army, can you please suggest me how should I prepare

  6. harmeet
    July 27, 2016

    how to write strength and weakness
    my opinion
    1. honest
    2. determination
    5.good technical skills

    1.poor in computers
    2.time management(keep on trails/ improvement untill last second for perfection)
    3.saying yes to everyone
    4.somewhat sleepy
    5.weak physical stamina

    • Sonu
      July 27, 2016

      You are right. These are exactly point you can bring out

      • harmeet singh
        July 28, 2016

        sir i am going for SSB

  7. chahat singh talan
    June 28, 2016

    Sir I am students of class 12 I am love my country …so I join Indian army I give all efforts to my country ….jai hind

    • Sonu
      June 28, 2016

      👍 all the best!

  8. jagadeesh
    June 28, 2016

    i have completed 12th i have ssb interview for army TES in aug/sep month. i have no experince for SSB interview. please give any suggestion

  9. Sourav Kumar
    June 3, 2016

    Hello sir. I am a student of Class 12 and aspire to join NDA. I will be appearing for the entrance test which will be held in September 2016. If I am able to clear the exam then I would probably have my SSB interview in January. But I will also be having my practicals during that period. So what solution do you suggest for this dilemma ?

    • Sonu
      June 4, 2016

      SSB gives you two option, one is you First/Fresher Batch date for SSB and Second – Absentee Batch date. When you have practicals, you can choose any one of the date as per your ease and intimate the same to Centre.

  10. akshansh kumar
    May 31, 2016

    is it gone 2 b difficult?
    i m just in 8th class guys just taking suggestions from u all for my future prepertions for nda n ssb

  11. akshansh kumar
    May 31, 2016

    is it gone 2 b difficult?

    • Sonu
      May 31, 2016

      No. It’s easy

      • jagadeesh
        June 28, 2016

        Hai sonu. gud afternoon. i am completd 12th. i have an ssb interview in aug/sep month. what are the steps i can take

        • jagadeesh
          June 28, 2016

          for TES army

  12. Indrazeet
    May 13, 2016

    Vry intrestng..,i hve one questn sir, persnl intrvw time kitni hours hote hi???

  13. Anshif
    April 6, 2016

    I’m going to prepare for an ssb exam . So please…. anybody give me some suggestions.

  14. dolly mall
    February 28, 2016

    it’s gonaa be easy for u, if u have gud communication skills.

  15. dolly mall
    February 28, 2016

    Thanks frnds, for this suggestions…

    but can u tell me some topics which asked in lecuratee.

    • Purva
      February 28, 2016

      Take any random but current topic like ISIS, Terrorism, Railway budget or Financial budget or any generic topic.

  16. yogita
    January 21, 2016

    ssb interview easy h ya touf …bcz this is my first experiance

    • Sonu
      January 21, 2016

      It’s easy. If u take it as competition then it becomes difficult. So remember Yogita, its not a competition.

  17. Rubina
    December 23, 2015

    Hiiii….plzz can u give me answer of these questions??
    And tell me one thing ki interview hm Hindi me de sakte h kya???

    • Sonu
      December 23, 2015

      “These questions ?? ”
      What do you mean? All the questions..
      They are all generic questions, n the answer likewise change from ppl to ppl..

      You may, but I would say don’t use Hindi throughout the interview. Use English and if u get stuck anywhere then you may use Hindi and go back to English.

      • Rubina
        December 23, 2015

        Thank you so much… I feel very nervous….

        • Sonu
          December 23, 2015

          Just take the interview like a chat with you friend, that will help you gain confidence.

          • Dileep Kumar G L
            August 5, 2016

            Sure sir, what are the physical tests to get in,,, sir

      • Dileep Kumar G L
        August 5, 2016

        Sir I’m going to prepare for SSC post in Indian army, can you please suggest me how should I prepare?

      • Manoj
        August 24, 2017

        I also asked same question
        Thnx a lot…..😊😊😊😊😊


  18. cc
    December 19, 2015

    i have a question ?
    what if a candidate who’s going to be appear for SSB has a weak Oral Communication Skills in English . As we know we can’t develop good communication skills in short period of time.
    now ,whether he/she can speak HINDI at times in phases of SSB like in Discussion , interview or narration.

    • Sonu
      December 19, 2015

      Yes you can speak in Hindi where ever you get stuck. But use it as second option and minimum.

      And life is a learning process, so don’t think you can’t improve. Learn daily and improve.

  19. Siddhesh
    November 6, 2015

    Thank you

    • Sonu
      November 6, 2015

      Your welcome. Siddhesh.

  20. Rakesh Gupta
    October 29, 2015

    Thank you buddy..answering these questions self will definitely boost confidence..

    • Sonu
      November 4, 2015

      A T B!
      (All d best) 😉

  21. Shardul Rajhans
    April 19, 2015

    Thank you for growing my confidence about ssb interview!!!!!!!!

  22. Prade
    March 29, 2015

    Will they be asking some technical questions???i mean if ur entry is ssc tech???

    • Prem S
      November 13, 2015

      Be ready you may be asked few question related to your subjects or something vaguely related.

  23. Chetan S
    January 7, 2015

    Thank you for wonderful guidance bro, you rock…….. 🙂


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