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IMA POP: Passing Out Parade 11 June 2016 (Video + Images)

A total of 610 gentlemen cadets including 45 from six friendly countries took part today in a colourful Passing Out Parade at the end of their training at the Indian Military Academy.


Army Chief Gen Dalbir Singh, was the reviewing officer of the parade. He said that he was honoured to attend the ceremony; one of the premier institutes in the world is keeping the glorious tradition of producing excellent officers alive. He also congratulated the cadets for successfully completing their training at the academy known all over the world for its high standards of training. The POP was a colourful affair with well turned out young cadets crossing the Chetwode threshold to become officers of the Army.

Lalit Thapaliyal was awarded the coveted Sword of Honour for best all round performance while the Gold Medal went to Abshishek Kumar Singh. Uttar Pradesh accounted for the highest number of 74 cadets followed by Haryana with 67 cadets. Amongst foreign cadets, Nabin Shrestha from Nepal was given the Silver Medal. The Chief of Army Staff Banner was presented to Hajipir Company. The three-hour programme included parade inspection, sword of honour, piping and an oath ceremony.

Smartly marching cadets!

Smartly marching cadets!

Congratulating the gentlemen cadets on the completion of their training at the prestigious academy, GOC-in-C of South Western Command Lt Gen Sarath Chand, who was the reviewing officer for the POP, asked them to imbibe and uphold the IMA’s motto of valour and wisdom during their professional careers.

Hoooray! Joy and Pride.

Hoooray! Joy and Pride.

He said it will help them achieve professional competence and inculcate in them the qualities of fair play, civility, maturity and tolerance in adversity.

Cadets turned into Officers!

Cadets turned into Officers – Stars, canes and responsibilities!

The IMA credo, which places safety, honour and welfare of the country first, has a universal appeal to men and women in uniform all over the world.

He asked them to be proud of the high standards of training they had received at the academy and utilise it to serve their respective countries.

It is a Noble profession. Tri-service, among the family itself.

It is a Noble profession. Tri-service(Navy, Army and Air Force), among the family itself.

“Being in uniform we have a definite role in contributing to the society and help in nation building,” he said.

The coveted sword of Honour went to Academy Cadet Adjutant Rajendra Singh Bisht.

The Gold Medal for the Gentleman Cadet standing First in the Overall Order of Merit was presented to Battalion Under Officer Aman Dhaka.

Out of a total of 565 gentlemen cadets from the country who passed out of the Academy the maximum 98 were from Uttar Pradesh followed by Bihar and Haryana which had 60 each.


The following states had cadets in POP (11 June 2016) :-

  1. Uttar Pradesh – 98 Cadets
  2. Haryana – 60 cadets
  3. Bihar – 60 Cadets
  4. Uttarakhand – 52 Cadets
  5. Maharastra – 36 Cadets
  6. Rajasthan – 35 Cadets
  7. Himachal Pradesh – 32 Cadets
  8. Punjab – 27 Cadets
  9. Tamilnadu – 21 Cadets
  10. Delhi – 20 Cadets
  11. Kerela – 16 Cadets
  12. Madhya Pradesh – 14 Cadets
  13. Karnataka – 13 Cadets
  14. West Bengal – 13 Cadets
  15.  Andra Pradesh – 8 Cadets
  16. Jharkhand – 8 Cadets
  17. Assam – 6 Cadets
  18. Odisha – 7 Cadets
  19. Chandigarh – 4 Cadets
  20. Gujrat – 4 Cadets
  21. Telangana – 4 Cadets
  22. Chattisgarh – 4 Cadets
  23. Manipur – 2 Cadets
  24. Meghalaya –  1 Cadet
  25. Mizoram –  1 Cadet
  26. Tripura – Cadet
  27. Goa : 1 Cadet
  28. Nagaland : 1 Cadet
  29. Arunachal Pradesh:  1 Cadet

Academy Cadet Adjutant (ACA) Rajendra Singh Bisht bagged the most coveted Sword of Honor for being adjudged the best all round Gentleman Cadet from the regular course and the bronze medal for standing third in the order of merit.


Coveted Sword of Honor – ACA  Rajendra Singh Bisht

Bisht comes from a humble background. He was born in Bareilly, and belongs to Ranikhet.

He grew up dreaming about a life in the Army as these regimental centres had always motivated him to don the olive green. He dedicated his success to his father Gopal Singh Bisht and mother Vimla Devi.Bisht, an alumni of Sainik School, Gorakhal, said hard work is the only way to achieve the desired goals.


Youths of the nation should come forward to join the military forces as this was the noblest of professions, he added. Before joining to the IMA, Bisht was a bronze medalist in the National Defence Academy. Another awardee, Battalion Under Officer Aman Dhaka from New Delhi, who won the gold medal, decided to join the Indian Army as his father had always motivated and wanted him to join the forces.


He said it was a very special day since his dream of joining the Army was fulfilled. Silver medalist Senior Under Officer N Dinesh Kumar from Tamil Nadu is an alumni of Sainik School and has no Army background.


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