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Is Indian Army Ready for Women to protect its Borders?

In the modern world, there are no domains of work that women haven’t delved into. Words such as chairman and cameraman have been rephrased as chairperson and cameraperson, to accommodate women. Many a male dominated work place has crumbled under the power of the woman – her spirit and energy. The Indian Armed Forces, which for long was considered a male dominated workplace, now has confident, bold women, molding into every role and setting examples for everyone.

Lieutenant General Puneeta Arora, a lady officer from the Army Medical Corps, heads the prestigious defense institution, the Armed Forces Medical College (AFMC), in Pune. In the land of Razia Sultana and Rani of Jhansi, it comes as no surprise that women make their mark in the Armed Forces.

The role of women in the armed forces for a long time, was limited to the medical profession i.e. doctors and nurses. In 1992, the doors were thrown open for women entry as regular officers in aviation, logistics, law, engineering and executive cadres. Thousands of spirited young women applied against advertisements and it was a turning point in the history of time. These women chose a new field where they had to painstakingly pave a path for the others to follow.

An Officer and a Lady

In the modern day of electronic warfare, it’s more about overcoming stress in warfare than physical combat. It has been proven scientifically that women handle stress better and are also mentally tougher. This is not to undermine a woman’s physical capability. Women have done extremely well in physical training as well. In the first few batches at the armed forces training academies women displayed more endurance and some even outran their male counterparts in cross-country runs and long distance marches. They carry on this tradition and keep setting new records.

Women in Indian Army

Reasons for women to Join Indian Armed Forces :-

  1. The respect you’ll command in and outside the forces will be priceless.

  2. Women leading contingents are making headlines everywhere, so you know the opportunities are spread far and wide.

  3. The Armed Forces allow you to continue your studies while serving the Army.

  4. Armed forces are the only government entity where you’re assured a pension on retirement.

  5. All officers, men and women, get to lead and manage massive troops.

  6. In fact, if teaching is your passion the Army Education Core has women employees that are involved in training.

  7. The military nursing service is a highly reputed branch of the Army, and a great place to work for women.

  8. Women can now fly fighter planes, and take up other combat roles.

  9. Every officer gets equal opportunity to succeed.

  10. Unlike the private sector, there is no disparity in pay.

  11. And aren’t the uniforms just classy?

What is your view on should women be considered for full time combat duties and involving  in fighting mission in field areas? Yes or No, and Why??


5 comments on “Is Indian Army Ready for Women to protect its Borders?

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  4. vijay
    April 9, 2017

    yes i appreciate your words sir
    that women make their mark in the armed forces


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