Good, bad and unexpected of Military life.

About Me

I am Sonu S, from Bangalore, India. I like reading books mostly love fictions, fantasy and philosophy. I love graphic designing and photography. This is my personal blog where I share my experience in life, in various places.

Can I Email You a Question?
Absolutely. I get a lot of emails so it might take me a day or two to respond, but I almost always answer emails from readers.

Thanks for visiting.

Have a nice day.

Sonu S


  • I do this as a hobby.
  • The opinions in this blog are my own.  And not of my employer.  And certainly not of my family (who remind me of this on an ongoing basis).
  • I have tried to offer attribution in all cases where this was possible.  If I have inadvertently posted anything which requires consent, please let me know and I will remove your work immediately.


102 comments on “About Me

  1. Neelamalar
    October 9, 2017

    Hi sir,,, Thanks for the study materials and also give me some tips to crack this exam

    • Sonu
      October 9, 2017

      Have you gone through all the post available here?

  2. Tamana
    September 19, 2017

    Hey Sonu sir, thanks for all the help you have a wonderful blog. Doing great job!! Keep up 🙂

    • Sonu
      September 27, 2017

      Thanks ✌✌


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